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Best Sellers
"Originals by Ruth"

Lip Balm
Secret Garden Solid Scent Perfume
Dragon Balm for Sore Muscles
Eucalyptus Rub for Chest Congestion
Healing Balm for External Boo Boos
Headache Ease & Sleepwell

Bulk Herbs & Spices

Botanicals (Medicinal and more)
Herbs and Spices for Cooking
Spice Blends
Herbal Tea Blends

Potpourri Originals by Mistress Ruth

Sweet Bags
Potpourri Recipes & Garden Ideas

Aromatherapy & Body/Bath

Essential Oils
Perfumes and Body Oils
Aromatherapy Blends
Massage Oils & Atomizer Mists
Soaps, Shampoo & Lotions

Clays, Seaweeds & Salts

Incense & Resins
Sticks & Cones
Resins & White Sage
Chalices, Charcoals & Ash Catchers

Animated catCats & Company
Cat Stuff Wrestle Wrats
(best cat toy in the universe)

Dream Pillows
Herb Pillows

To sleep, perchance to dream
Lovely Fabrics
Dream Ingredients

An index is being created so that you can more easily find what you seek; meanwhile, please ask if you can't find something: wellcat@comcast.net

Wellcat Herbs will tickle your fancy, sweeten your drawers (the kind you pull out, or the kind you put on), soothe your dreams, ease an ache or perk up your palette--culinary or artistic.

We offer a wide variety of herbal products and welcome your business. You can order Wellcat's many amazing herbal products exclusively via mail order on this web site.

To join our mailing list, contact us at: wellcat@comcast.net or ruthroysherbs@comcast.net.

Enjoy our Photo Gallery as we get ready to expand and update it (and eventually include new product photos). Cheers!

Herb Garden

Herb Garden 2003Herb Garden 2006

Proprietor of Wellcat Herbs, Ruth Roy—known throughout the land as Mistress Ruth— gladly offers gardening advice, information on how to harvest, preserve & use herbs, as well as a tale or two on the folklore & magic of herbs and spices.  To be on the mailing list for future herb classes, please email  wellcat@comcast.net.

Please don't hesitate to send us a note requesting a particular product or general information.Contact us: wellcat@comcast.net.